Unique Advantages of Mirror Splashbacks

Tainted mirror splashback

When you wish to stand exclusively out in the luxury home market, you definitely need to display your property’s construction material and quality design. The stakes may be high but it is always the right choice making a perfect home. You can make it ready to sell at the hottest price. It is no wrong to say that bad choices in low costs hardly stay in the market listings.

One of the best ways to highlight a home’s design and construction material is installing a mirror splashback.

When you get the right application, the single design choice can actually optimize the natural light in a home, solve some of its troublemaking design issues, and display its high-quality material.

To put it in simple words: Choosing a mirror splashback can actually rise up your luxury building project to a perfect level of satisfaction.


So here we go with the benefits, a mirror splashback can offer in some places:


Multiply the Impact of Natural Light and Views

Most often you will see a mirror splashback behind the oven hob. This is also effective in the space between the countertop and the cabinets.

Distinctive from the splash mirrors, the glass is used because the backsplash is toughened through the heating and cooling process.

The toughened glass actually ensures that it may withstand the heat and moisture even from the gas cook-tops. There’s actually no need to be concerned about the cracking, wrapping or shattering of the mirror.

In many luxury kitchens, you can see that a window with the best view sit well behind the sink whereas the oven hob goes on opposing wall or an adjoining. In this particular type of kitchen setup, the splashback needs lighting and decoration to perk up the aesthetics and functionality.

A mirror splashback somehow reflects the natural light streaming in through the sink window, and any other windows nearby.


Draw Attention to the open Floor Plans

Dissimilar to the glass splashback, what is it having its own benefits? A mirror rises up the effect of the required layout.

This pattern actually invites many other rooms in the open floor plan, like the family room area or the dining area, into the kitchen giving it a more cohesive sense of design.


Increase the Bathroom Fixtures and Space

And if you are actually looking for a way out to make the washroom space stand out, here we go:

Installing a mirror splashback in the washroom not only makes the bathroom space look large but at the same time, it highlights many of the colour choices and fixtures in the room.

Additionally, the innovative techniques and custom design with mirrors can bring the splashback down to the bathroom sink countertop with the faucet fixture settled directly into the glass.


Emphasize the Home’s Style

An antique mirrored splashback undoubtedly works well in the traditional or contemporary kitchen. The roughened vintage style whereas lessen the glare compared to the totally reflective mirrors while adding a touch of charm to it. The smoked mirror splashback makes a grey hint to assist the accent cabinetry and countertop colour choices.

For example: a distresses effect adds character and texture to the space behind the sink.

So, are you thinking of the subway tiles as a backsplash? Well, mirror tiles give you an eye-catching way to mix two popular trends.

Away from walls and windows, mirror splashbacks can be perfectly used to call out many other features also. For instance: mirrored splashback kicker panels can actually highlight the wooden floors of the home.


Clean It with an Ease

Tinted mirror splashbacks splatter literally well. Even when it comes down to cleaning, the splashbacks wipe down the slashes easily with the use of some general glass cleaning liquid and so.

In addition to this, the panels can also be fabricated into the lengths of around 3 meters which means there are hardly any seams for food and mould to stay hidden.

The design choice can also assist in emphasizing fixtures in the bathrooms and wet bars while adding spaciousness and brightness to it.

No matter where you decide to install this exclusive feature, we can exactly make it to exact measurements with the use of layer equipment.

This complete process is totally customized to the individual client needs so as to offer a unique, top quality splashback without any delay.