Top Design Tips for Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Printed glass splashbacks for kitchens

Since high heat or severe impactor can break the untreated glass into the jagged shards, glass splashbacks or into dangers for kitchens are made from the toughened glass.

Also known as tempering the toughened is the term that is used for the process of intense glass heating and rapid cooling tool. At the end of this process, the center of the glass actually remains in tension while outer surface may go into compression.

As a result of this, the toughened glass is actually four to five times safer and stronger than the untreated glass. In fact, even if it becomes stressed to the breakage point, it shatters into small and harmless pieces.

Since safety is a major advantage, the touching process may create a challenge for the builders as well as the designers who are looking forward to installing the glass splashbacks in the kitchens. However, the glass must be cut before it gets toughened.

There is no modification, shortening or the re-purposing of the toughened glass. What you will order will be what you will get and replacement orders can actually cause a havoc to the budget and the building schedule.

So here in this blog, we will analyze the most important of this choice so that you can have a crystal clear view of what is required for a successful kitchen splashback installation.


Decide on the Perfect Splashback Choice

When it is the time to choose the best splashbacks for kitchens, do consider the overall style of the home.

The bespoke glass splashbacks for kitchens accent the contemporary or the modern style homes for some below mentioned reasons:

  • They are seamless and clean
  • They reflect the light in order to create the bright airy space
  • They invite the open floor plan into the closed areas in order to make small pieces feel even bigger.

In fact these are versatile and can add a perfect style to the country houses as well as traditional style homes.


So here comes the choice down to the details like:

  • How will splashback work with the bench top material?
  • If you want a streamlined, clean or something even more traditional
  • Tiles are generally more economical but these may break or crack over the time


How will the splashback work with the bench top material?


Do you want a clean, streamlined splashback or something more traditional?

The amount of maintenance: glass is much easier to clean compared to tile grout.

Cost: Tile is generally more economical, but it is more likely to break or crack over time.

The glass splashback for the kitchen is a great choice.

It is a low maintenance option working with almost any benchtop material in order to create an eye-catching and a bright design feature.


Select a Final Kitchen Plan

The glass splashbacks for kitchens should be fabricated and measured after the complete kitchen plan is finalized.


This involves the placements for the below-mentioned kitchen components:

  • Vent hood
  • Cabinetry
  • Oven Hob
  • Above Counter Switches
  • Above Counter sockets and LED and other backlighting


These are some of the components that need to be finalized as the glass cannot be altered once it has been ordered.

So in case you are ordering the glass and later on decide to move a wall socket to the right or the left, the access point will definitely not line up well with the socket.

You also need to decide on how much space the kitchen splashback will cover before ordering the glass.


Take into consideration splashback texture and finish

Which finished look will appear best in the kitchen?


Well, there are three main choices for it:

Glossy – The glass has got an extremely low reflective quality

Matted – The glass has completely low reflective quality

Frosted – The glass blurs the images while transmitting the light

Of course, this design choice needs to be analyzed closely before the order is actually put in. Additionally, there are different textures that need to be taken into consideration like pearled, brick and even liquid. They can actually create exclusive elements of the movement, depth, and glowing colour changes.


Make out if you want a Printed Glass Splashback

The choice to create a dramatic, vivid accent to the choice of paint colour is an advantage of the glass splashback in the kitchen.


Go for an affixing strategy

There are two chief methods to affix the glass splashback to the kitchen walls.

  • Screws design a more modern and an industrial look
  • Adhesive create a contemporary and seamless look

So if you are seeking to get the professional designs for your glass splashbacks to be installed in the kitchen area, go ahead with the GSO. We guarantee to offer you the best service in the town.