LMN Clear Silicone Adhesive


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A neutral cure silicone, LMN Clear Silicone Adhesive, for interior glass or mirror fixing. Non-corrosive, odourless and has excellent unprimed adhesion on most coatings. Good resistance to humidity, temperature extremes, radiation and sunlight and will accommodate thermal expansion.

  • Size 310ml.
  • Colour clear.
  • A neutral cure silicone sealant for interior mirror fixing.
  • Ready to use one part silicone sealant which is non corrosive and odourless.
  • Has excellent unprimed adhesion to mirror coatings and has outstanding resistance to heat and humidity.
  • Properties are unaffected by sunlight, ultra-violet radiation and temperature extremes.
  • Will accommodate thermal expansion.

Please note this product will not be shipped on its own. It has to be ordered with a splashback.