Bespoke Glass Splashbacks up to 1sqm

£49.95 - £209.95 / per sqm

  • Please note that dimensions are in mm.
  • Minimum size 80x80mm in order to be polished
  • Minimum charging area is 0.25 sqm
  • Maximum shipping size for England, Scotland and Wales is up to 1sqm per panel with maximum width or height up to 1600mm
  • Delivery charge for 1 glass panel up to 1sqm is £15.00
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Our made to measure bespoke glass splashbacks are designed to match any colour in your house. All of our splashbacks will be made specially for you and your kitchen or bathroom.

You may want to use a custom design of glass splashback with you favorite work of art, base the design on a photography that has a special meaning to you, a breathtaking view, or just an abstract design to match your room. We can do all!



Yellow Glass Splashbacks
A kitchen is not just a place where you cook . It is a place where family and friends meet and is often connected to your living space. Glass splashbacks are the best solution if you want a hygienic and practical kitchen. We give you an option to express your contemporary, abstract unique style or just to match the colours in your house the best way possible.



Coloured bespoke glass splashbacks - Glass Splashbacks Online


Find many possibilities of creating your dream kitchen by using bespoke glass splashbacks with any colour. Your new kitchen can also be colour matched to make sure you have the design that you want. All of our products are with high quality and made to measure. Choose one of our fantastic colour options for bespoke glass.



Bathroom glass splashbacks


Using bespoke glass splashback is also a great way to refresh your bathroom. We use toughened glass that is easy to clean. We believe that glass is the best choice for bathroom walls. Our bathroom glass panels require no grout so the stains and the dirt will be no issue. It’s not only the most practical material to use for your bathroom but it also looks stylish and luxury.


Bespoke Glass Splashbacks Features:

  • Bonding: Silicone or Screws
  • Heat resistant to up to 400 degrees Celsius
  • Polished edges
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Available in RAL  or any other 
  • Lead time around 10 working days
  • Complies to the current British Standard BS EN 12150
  • Standard Delivery from £15.00  for up to 1sqm per panel