Glass Splashbacks: A Modern Approach to Latest Kitchen

Do you want to transform your kitchen, bathroom or office with beautiful glass splashbacks? At GSO we sell beautiful, stylish splashbacks made with toughened glass.

It is no longer the time when the kitchen was used as a place to cook food only. With advancement in times, kitchen has actually turned out to be one of the most important centers of the house with a lot of traffic. So what is the best way to uplift the spirit of the kitchen while changing its mundane atmosphere without getting out of touch with trends and any styles? The answer is glass splashback! It has totally changed the look of the modern kitchens across UK and our clients rush to switch from the old impractical tiles.

So before you go ahead and make a choice about the way to transform your kitchen, it is important to considers the benefits we can offer you.

Easy to Clean 

They are very easy to clean. Because the surfaces are smooth, flat and seamless, the splashback made out of these can be cleaned easily. The stains caused by the spills on it need a single wipe of some damp cloth and eventually, there is no need for specialty cleaning solutions or any kind of tools. So don’t you find it very good news?

Seamless Finish

There is one another important reason for the popularity of our products, they do not have any horizontal or vertical joints like that of the tiles and therefore, there is absolutely no span for wear and tear issues together with the grout lines.

Variety of Colour Options

While choosing a stainless steel or the tiled backsplash, you get a very limited colour options. But with us, your choice is spread across the entire universe as the back of they can be easily painted with any colour of your choice. It may match with the kitchen top, the cooking top, cabinets in the kitchen or may render a contrasting effect to them.

As a Sign Board

Away from all the safety aspects and the cleanliness friendly aspect, glass splashbacks come with a special benefit. You can write on them easily with a pen. It is actually a major advantage to note down the message or a reminder note on the shopping list. And you would be even pleased when I will say these markings will also be wiped without any hassles.


Because our products are made out of at least 10 mm thick toughened glass, there are no chances that these would get shattered because of an impact. In fact, they are specially treated to provide excellent resistance to heat and therefore it can clearly be fitted just behind the cooktop.

Our products offer an amazing feeling when you look at the kitchen space. It is the colour coating made with different materials that are durable and sustain a long life. They are very clean if compared to the tiles as they do not have any joints and the grout appear that keep your kitchen clean all the times. The kitchen area needs to be prevented from the bacteria and mold because through these splashbacks can clearly wipe out the bacteria by an anti-bacteria spray.
If you wish to get inspired you can just go and check our gallery. We have a lot of bathroom and kitchen projects, so you can get an idea for a stylish method to refresh your home. You can also make a comparisons with other stores and you will see that ours are cheaper and with higher quality.

We have a wide range of:


We offer a wide range of colour, style and design options for you to choose from, to create your dream kitchen, bathroom or office. Our painted glass splashbacks are made of toughened clear glass. We can make it in any colour you wish, from any paint range from Dulux to RAL Colours.



We make it possible for you to transform your home with amazing scenes of stunning nature landscapes, an abstract art that you like, your special family moments or any image you want printed. The technology that we use for printing allows decoration even on specially designed for your house furniture.



Made to measure glass splashbacks for your home. We cut it to fit perfectly. We also use a technology to colour match it so you don’t have to change lighting switches, your electrical sockets or anything else.


Our products are for long-term use because they cannot be cracked or damaged easy. You can have variety of colours as well as visibility in the kitchen.

In order to ensure a proper fit, we’ll make use of highly specialized laser measuring equipment. Our experts will make sure that the kitchen splashbacks are cut to the perfect size. We can easily accomplish this as we have all the equipment which is required to perform the complex jobs. We have many years of experience renovating kitchens, bathrooms and offices in the UK. We are dedicated to ensure that all of our products meet your personal requirements. The quality of our products, our customer service and our team of professionals is what makes GSO so unique.

Our most visited category is “Standard Size Splashbacks” where you can find our products available in almost any colour you can think of.

Whatever you are looking for you can always count on our teams to help you with an advice and ideas for your house. Our experienced and friendly team is always here to help you with design questions, colour questions and discuss all the options suitable for your budget. You can always get a free quote from us.

So, lets shake hands, invest wisely and transform your kitchen, bathroom or office.

Glass Splashbacks Online in the UK

At Glass Splashbacks Online we carefully follow every step of the process involved in measuring, buying and fitting your kitchen or bathroom splashbacks. Contact us if you are ready to refresh your home with stylish splashbacks. If you are looking for an inspiration go to our Projects page where you can see a wide range of coloured and printed glass projects in our customers’ bathrooms, kitchens and offices. With our wide variety of colours you can let your imagination create your dream room.

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